Priests in California Child Molestors

And the church finally addressed the issue today after being slapped with a 660 million dollar lawsuit by hundreds of people accusing several priests in the area of abuse. In the documentary "Deliver us from Evil", it's estimated that 10% of all graduating priests are pedophiles. And they calculated this from the number of abuse cases that were actually recorded. Many abused people never come forward. They often feel ashamed or blame it on themselves.
The chuch would have to either confront the issue head-on or pay up the 660 million dollars to the victims. Of course they chose the money and stayed mum. They would, after all, have alot of explaining to do. Literally hundreds of cases have been swept under the rug and forgotten by the church- bu the victims will never forget. What is going on with all of the cases that have been reported to the church? Are the offending religious officials still in power and working with people? If past cases are any indication, the answer is yes.