So Sick

Being subjected to an entire day lying in bed isn't so pleasant when you're having cold sweats and are unable to breathe through your nose. Air can't come in but stuff definately comes out. So Once I was bored of sleeping- yes, it can happen- I got up to flick through the tele and see if anything could drag my attention away from my sickness. I found something by chance: a documentary about one of the organizers of the deathcamps in Nazi Germany being helped and safe-guarded by Ireland and the church. Can you imagine a room full of cardinals and bishops doing the Nazi salute? The program had several pictures to help my imagination.
I guess Christians were very anti-Jewish at the time, even though they address basically the same God. Now before any Christian or Jewish fundamentalists can get all up in my grill and point out the exact differences in belief, the religions are much closer than, for example, Christianity and Islam or Judaism and Taoism. Many of their core teachings are the same and let's not forget, we're all people on this earth.
What makes an entire group of people hate and want to commit unsepakable humanitary crimes against another community? The church seemed to think that it was all about God, that this was a repetition of the Crusades. It sounds alot like them, a peoples falling to the will of God; being almost completely wiped out for the sake of differing religions and in beliefs. That's how they must have justified it, by convincing themselves of the righteousness of the deathcamps and how so many children should be imprisoned for their false and heretic beliefs. I wonder what the church might say now if given the opportunity to explain their aid of Nazis, especially ones so pivitol to this group's power.
Althought the documentary was informative, the key questions that I had went largely unanswered. But these are more philosophical questions, maybe even biological, the I have always asked when the subject of the holocaust comes up. How was it possible for this to happen unabated for so long? In historical texts and in records, it seems as if the rest of the world just turned its back to the suffering to millions of people.
After the war, the Allied liberators were shocked at the treatment of Jews in the concentration camps. Many of them were traumatized for months and some for the rest of their lives. It must have been even harder to look into the eyes of these starving and battered individuals and come home to a comfortable lifestyle, knowing that your country was not doing anything to help these disenfranchised people.
What must have went through the minds of Hitler's forces when they inflicted tortures upon people of all ages and even burned some alive? It horrifies me that individuals can be so cruel and, for a lack of a better word, evil. To think that a well-known organization had such a large role in harbouring war criminals only makes the situation worse. The church has millions of followers world-wide, people who put their faith in the actions of this community because they feel that it represents Christ. But even for someone who has read the bible from a normal individual's point of view, I never found any mention of Jesus killing a Jewish person. There is also no mention of inflicting horrors upon every woman, man, and child who chooses not to believe in Him. Did I miss something?
And yet Christianity remains a powerful entity in our society. Past sins seem to have been either forgiven, forgotten, or both, by its believers. It scares me to think how much influence the Christian church has over everything from our government to media.
Now excuse me while I look up religion conspiracy theories.

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