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So this is extremely played-out. But I have always wanted to do one of these things and since I'm single, I guess I ll give it a shot!
Observations so far: never, ever, ever create an account on Meetmeinto.com unless you want 30 messages a day from guys who call you "hun", "sexy" or tell you that you are "lkn fkn sexy2 fuck". I mean, does that even mean anything? I'll tell you one thing- it's good for a random hook-up. There are lots of cute honest guys amidst all the horny jerks. But you have to ask yourself what these fine, upstanding gentlemen are doing on a website like that to begin with. Hm...
One of these friendly, funny, nice guys added me to msn. After some light conversation, I told him that he didn't seem too involved in the convo (his last 3 messages were one-word answers to my questions). "I want to fuck your brains out". Ookay. I decided to have some fun. "What do you want to do to me?" I playfully asked. " I want to eat your pussy. Can I?" Not a fan of cyber sex, I must have set a record for how fast I blocked and deleted him.
Since I seem to be going through a partying-and-bored-if-not phase, I logged on to find some cool guys to club with my girlfriends and I. You can guess that I've found them. Now we'll have to wait until next weekend to see if that goes anywhere. I have a feeling it's going to get interesting.

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