Love Don't Cost a Thing

In my dating adventures, I've stumbled upon a popular website- Lavalife. If you haven't heard, Lavalife is an on-line dating and connection community of over 600,000 members actively "exchanging over 1.3 million messages every day". What sets it apart from other dating websites is the way in which it is set up. Members can join either a relationship, dating, or "intimate encounter" community- or all three. So people looking for steady committed sex, random sex, or kinky one-time sex can all find what they're looking for.
But I didn't find what I came looking for. Maybe it was the fact that I could never find the function I wanted. Or it could have been the twenty-four dollars/ month hidden fee. I say hidden because after taking the time to write a profile, upload a photo and browse to contact guys in my area, I couldn't send a message to contact any of the potentials because I need to be signed up. Apparently, me being on the site doesn't mean me being able to use it.
I refuse to pay any amount of money just to chat to a guy that I could meet anywhere outside my home. It's like paying to breathe. I can meet these guys at the rock-climbing place I frequent, or Shopper's Drug Mart, or the library... the list really does go on.
Lesson learned- don't be suckered into paying money to meet guys just because the main page of the dating site is a picture of a beautiful model-couple kissing. You will not be magically transported into her place. Sorry.

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