Hitting the Stars

Actually, more like hit and miss. The date part of tonight was a hit. The party afterwards- not so much. Mingling is all fun and well when you actually know the people in the room, but when the elevator dings open and the youngest person you see has a receding hairline, you are in trouble. Never mind that it's a film fest party and Brad Pitt is staying in the same hotel. But no star sightings tonight, sadly. Except for one, which occurred, incidentally, away from the party- but more on that later.
Making the best out of any situation is starting to be my trademark, so that I did. Not only did I give away my (fake) phone number three times, but I actually gave someone my (real) number! That would be the first and last time. It's not that I expect the guy to do everything, but if he's interested, then he'll go through "all the trouble" of asking for the digits. Himself. Because he's a big boy.
I don't blame myself, though. The guy was Greek and had more than one motorbike. Can you say hot? Which he wasn't. But what he lacked in height and grace he more than made up for in...bikes.
The highlight of the night came beforehand, during the one-on-one with guy part. As in sexy company, live music and great food. Oh, and a bottle of wine. That always gets the conversation going.
What made it better than the other guys I've seen so far in the past few weeks? He knew where he was headed in life. I'm finding that a huge turn-on when chatting with men. Motivation and drive drives me.
Needless to say, conversation flowed as easily as the wine and before I realized, we were gone. Did I mention the bike...no? Well there is a bike involved. Tonight it was substituted with a black racer due to the weather, but there most definitely is a neon green Kawasaki Ninja included in this picture. And next time, I'll get more acquainted with that lean green riding machine.
Dating realization at this point: ok, it's not that bad. And I'm not giving up on guys yet, either, as my prior claim of asexuality to my friends may have suggested.
Whenever the inevitable question of what I'm looking for comes up, I find that the easiest answer is to smile, toss the hair, and giggle. Seriously, boys and girls, I don't even know.
That would be a tip akin to one Paris Hilton, whom I caught earlier tonight, would procure. Regardless of what you think of her as a person (trashy slut or converted angel?) that's one gal who knows how to escape from something unscathed. Sex tape, anyone?

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The Rambling Pagan said...

Hey there! Just starting to read through these, it's cool stuff. I like the randomnness and the honesty. I too am dying to go to India - actually Calcutta is where I"ve got my eyes - but it will have to wait til a) I am not a student and b) I am not poor. They go hand in hand.

Anyway, I totally know what you mean about that whole "direction" thing - it's amazing to me how much that does for me these days! I mean, Ok, we're young, we can't go looking at every date as marriage material, but it's still fucking awesome to have someone around who knows what they're doing and where they think they want to be in 5 years. Who cares if they actually end up there - it's more that they've thought about it deeply enough to be passionate. Just another way of separating the men from the boys...

Ah yes...you will notice, as I continue to leave comments, and you read my blog, that I ramble like it ain't no thang. :)

Loving the blog. TTYS!