Packing up and saying goodbye.

But Im not thinking about that quite yet. First I need to buy supplies, make a sleeping bag and- oh yeah- get the actual ticket to India! I'm not thinking about the goodbye part until it actually happens. And then my body will probably be in such shock that I wont even register I am on a plane half-way across the world until I'm at the hostel at said location. Friends and family and dog. And toilets. Those are the things I am expecting to miss the most. But maybe something random will come up- like tampons. I mean, do they even have those in Chennai?
But instead of scaring myself, I should focus on the goods, those including seeing the trip as an adventure, an opportunity, and a change. Solo back-packing is known to have some fun impacts on people. I don't think I'll turn into Mother Theresa, but I will see and experience things that I will never forget. Who knows- maybe I'll meet a new best friend or the love of my life? Or maybe the monkeys will be the most lasting memory.
Enough guessing, it's time to jut go already!

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